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Sounds like we have a volunteer for the brewing party.  ;-)

Clay, what equipment do you need?

At 09:12 AM 9/5/2008 -0400, you wrote:
>As I was planning on doing a science of brewing panel, it might be neat to
>get together with you all to and we can all put this together.
>But forgive me because I need to clear up a couple things about your post.
>The Pilsner and the Schwartzbier are actually both lagers and hence need
>to be kept in refrigeration (beetween 55 and 60 degrees) for the PRIMARY
>fermentation, and the that usually takes about 3 weeks. Also depending on
>the yeast used and particularly in the Pilsner you'll want a short (three
>day) diacetyl rest (google it) to burn off diacetyl (cabbage-like
>off-flavor) before you secondary. Honestly, I've had great results doing
>my secondary in-bottle in the refrigerator after a couple-weeks of
>in-bottle conditioning, but a keg secondary (slowly lower down to just
>above 32 degrees, note: regular unmodified refrigerators will not do this)
>would work also.
>Perhaps you meant Altbeir instead of Schwarzbeir?
>That having been said there are easy and hard styles of brew to make. All
>of the ones on your list are more difficult with the possible exception of
>the wheat, although with the wheat flocculation can be problematic, and
>wheats are better very fresh because of the suspended yeast.
>Ales are easier and you could do something like an IPA, an Amber and Kolsh
>(a golden colored, clean flavored German ale, more like the Pilsner)?
>I apologize again for my forwardness, I've become something of a beer geek.
>Clay Dowling wrote:
> > At the last meeting we talked about plans for the room party next year at
> > Penguicon.  Instead of buying beer it occurred to us that we could brew
> > it, which would be completely in keeping with the open source conference
> > idea.
> >
> > Last year we went through 15 gallons of beer.  My brewing setup is capable
> > of brewing 5 finished gallons at a time, which would mean three brewing
> > sessions.  I figure to make the brewing a group event (or events) at my
> > house.
> >
> > The current beer plan:
> >
> > 1. Czech Pilsner - The original golden beer.  Light in color, strong in
> > flavor.  The best commercial example is Czechvar, which many grocery
> > stores are now carrying.  Sapporo is also in this style.
> >
> > 2. Scottish Wee Heavy - similar to the beer we drank last year.  Expect
> > this stuff to wreck your head and your guts the next day if you drink
> > unwisely.
> >
> > 3a. Schwarzbier - A dark german ale.  My recipe is good with chocolate,
> > and if we make this we should form a partnership with the chocolate/fudge
> > people.
> >
> > 3b. Heffewiezen - Similar to Schwarzbier, but light in color.  There are a
> > lot of variations in flavor, but my recipe is pretty mellow and eminently
> > drinkable.
> >
> > A choice would have to be made between 3a and 3b (at least in theory).
> >
> > The pilsner needs to be brewed first, and soon, because it needs a few
> > months in a refrigerator for proper secondary fermentation.
> >
> > I propose either the 13th or 20th of September for the first brewing party
> > at my house.  You do not need to know anything about brewing to
> > participate, you'll learn as we go, and you'll be a better brew-monkey for
> > the next session.  If we can round up a couple of people and some
> > equipment I'm not opposed to expanding the beer offering (e.g. we make
> > both 3a and 3b) by brewing a couple of batches at each brew session.
> >
> >
> > Post a note on the list or contact me via email if you're interested in
> > helping out.
> >
> > Clay
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