[GLLUG] Recommendation for a good online MMORPG / Strategy game?

Mike msg at msu.edu
Mon Sep 8 16:33:56 EDT 2008

I play a game called "Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy".  And some people 
keep telling me that the MovieBattles2 mod for JK is very good.  It's 
Internet multiplayer ... I don't know if its your kind of multiplayer game.

Lachniet, Mark wrote:
> Does anyone have a suggestion for a good online RPG - something along
> the lines of a D&D type game, or like TradeWars, that is either free or
> low cost?  It doesn't have to be super polished as long as there is a
> good community and the gameplay is good.  I've looked at the new
> TradeWars port, but its not fully baked and I'd like more features.
> Either SF or fantasy Genre would be fine.  I have some out of town
> friends I'd like to play with.
> Thanks,
> Mark Lachniet

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