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Ariel Lonchar currentlyunnameddj at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 01:17:29 EDT 2008

Just a note, from someone who gets stuck wandering that area often, what
with working at our new meeting place and all:

If you want a lot of choices for food, you need to eat beforehand.
Mediteran closes at 8:30pm, everything except for the bars/Chinese place/and
I think the Burrito place close around 4-5pm.

Had to get dinner on Monday at 6pm, so learned as I walked to closed
restaurant after closed restaurant.

The Chinese place by Ted-Dee's is open until 10, and I do vouch for the
quality of the food.  It's not that expensive, either.  The Triple Garlic
platter is enough for two-three people (beef, chicken and shrimp, with LOTS
of vegetables) (if you eat like I do.  If you eat like Marshal, then it's
enough for just yourself).

Mediteran is tasty and moderately priced.  Their desserts are to die for.
Doesn't seem to be set for group outings, but I only saw the front of it at
lunchtime, so I don't know for sure.  I had their spinach and cheese pie,
the bean soup, and a slice of key lime pie.

Decker Coffee is good for pumpkin lattes.  Haven't had anything else of
theirs, but considering I have a half hour of free time before I am
scheduled to start every single day I work (gorram bus system), I'll
probably be frequenting it, since it's not enough time to hop a bus to Gone

The Daily Bagel makes a mean corned beef and swiss on rye.  Got it before
going to work a week ago, for a snack on my break.  They close early though.

Haven't tried any of the bars, but that's because I'd be tempted for a
liquid lunch/dinner, and that tends to be frowned upon...

Hope this helps!


On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 11:53 PM, Chick Tower <c.e.tower at gmail.com> wrote:

> I forgot to mention that you should plan to eat either before or after
> Thursday's meeting, because the library only allows "light refreshments"
> in the conference room, whatever that means.  I'm sure pizza and
> sandwiches don't qualify, though.
>                                Chick
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