[GLLUG] Firefox 3 vs. 2

Chick Tower c.e.tower at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 00:07:42 EDT 2008

I assume you were not considering command-line browsers, but what about 
Dillo, Kazehekase, Netsurf, and the really-obscure Chimera2?  Besides, 
I've never found Konqueror to be all that fast the few times I've used 
it as a web browser.

I'm satisfied with the speed of Firefox on my desktop PCs.  Where I've 
been looking for fast browsers is on my Pentium2-class laptops with 64MB 
or 128MB of RAM.  Or, lately, for my blazing 2,400 bps connection due to 
a loud buzzing on my phone line.  I doubt a fast browser will make up 
for that, though.


Charles Ulrich wrote:
> If you need speed, though, Konqueror is the fastest browser on Linux,
> bar none. (As well as Windows and Mac soon, I hope).

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