[GLLUG] No Beef!

Clay Dowling clay at lazarusid.com
Tue Sep 30 21:20:27 EDT 2008

Eduardo Cesconetto wrote:
> It has been discussed in the past that the BBQ is a great opportunity  
> for us (GLLUG) to fundraise. I say we go for it, but if we organize,  
> we keep the profits. I can cook and lead the volunteer hands at the  
> time of the BBQ, I can even help us find a sponsor, but we'll need  
> somebody else to be "the organizer".

I'm completely on board with this.  We would probably need to offer a 
tithe to Penguicon for use of the space and promotional considerations 
(e.g. them taking the money at registration).  Otherwise we have to deal 
with money out at the grill, which means another person involved as a 
volunteer.  And a small problem securing the money in a bad neighborhood 
(welcome to Romulus).  Then again, the money would be right next to 
several people with large knives....

So do we have an organizing volunteer?

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