[GLLUG] Unwanted Live CD

Chick Tower c.e.tower at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 00:03:01 EDT 2010

Thanks, Stan, but I'm not asking anyone to go to all that trouble.  I 
can do that myself.  I just want something to test, and possibly prepare 
the hard drive of, the new machine; I don't plan to install any of them. 
  I don't want to install something without knowing the machine works 
properly, because I'm going to try "cloning" my current PC's 
installations of Slackware and Arch to the new machine.

If someone has a live CD they no longer want, either because it's a 
version out-of-date or you didn't like that distro, I'll be happy to get 
it out of your life.  I have really old live CDs, but I wanted something 
more modern that would stress the system a little bit more, just for 
fun.  I already know it's going to vastly out-perform my current PC, an 
Athlon 1200 with 256MB of RAM.  If nobody already has such a CD they're 
willing to part with, I'll just use what I have.  Thanks for helping me 
out, though.


On 11/02/2010 11:41 PM, Stanley C. Mortel wrote:
> Chick,
> What are you looking for? I have several versions of Ubuntu already and
> can easily download and burn others. If you don't want Ubuntu, let me
> know what would be your first few choices and I'll see if I can get one
> to you on Thursday. If I can't make it to the meeting I could mail you
> what you need.
> Stan
> Chick Tower wrote:
>> Does anyone have a live CD that they don't want any more? I'd like
>> something released not more than a year ago to test my new machine
>> when I finally order the parts and put it together. I know I can
>> download and burn an .iso, but if someone has such a live CD they are
>> looking to get rid of, I would be happy to take it off of your hands.
>> I'll be at Thursday's meeting, but not the next one or two meetings.

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