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Well, Chick, 
It certainly makes sense if your ultimate goal is conversion... 
oh, yeah, that would be right, wouldn't it. 


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I had a thought today while I was raking leaves. Schuler Books had a 
pretty good turnout for their zombie night last week. I don't know if 
it translated into sales, but there seemed to be a lot more people in 
the store and cafe. Maybe we should align Linux with some horrific 
group of supernatural creatures in order to draw more attention to what 
it offers. Not zombies, though; we don't want people thinking Linux PCs 
can become part of a botnet. Mummies are too restricted, like something 
encumbered by draconian DRM measures. Werewolves are too often in flux; 
we want to project stability. I would like to propose the following 
slogan that should accomplish what zombies did for Schuler Books: 

Linux. The choice of a new generation -- OF VAMPIRES! 

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