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Sun Apr 7 23:21:05 EDT 2013

Hey, look, I got a response to my Craigslist ad for GLLUG meetings.


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Subject: I am interested in your service I see advertised on craigslist 
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Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2013 03:39:05 +0100
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Hey saw your ad on craigslist quick question
How's that doing for you? We used to advertise in craigslist and got a
few clients
but not too many. Now we have a great way to get clients for people.
we decided that we want to reach out to people and help them get clients and
leads. That's why you're hearing from me.
Fact is we want paying clients That's where you come in. We are going
to work with 30
people for FREE, yes no strings attached absolutely free.
Why are we doing that? Because we need testimonials from you once you've got
the results you require and you get clients and leads we need a great
from you. We will get you tons of clients
So call dave, yes he's a real person, and he will \walk you through
the process
and will get you going to getting the clients and sales you need,
thank you. Call 727-742-2626  dave at velocityrank.com

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