[GLLUG] Documentation for NTFS

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Google ntfs internal structure. 
If you are looking to write a driver or disk recovery tool, then you probably have to Google each component specifically. I don't think msdn goes further then the public facing classes, but I could be wrong. 

Ntfs is licensed, so you have to walk a fine legal line. 

The bigger pita is the Uefi bootloader and how they store it on disk.. and maybe that is why you are asking...

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Subject: [GLLUG] Documentation for NTFS
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Looked at samba docs.  No docs about NTFS internals there.  The root struct is documented well.  Nothing else.

Thanks a lot (sarcasm), free software movement.  :)  I guess I'll just have to pay someone to do it.      From: "omalley_s at rocketmail.com" <omalley_s at rocketmail.com>
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I think samba has ntfs internals but I was also thinking it was in the kernel as a fs driver. The last time I looked the 3g stuff was not documented much at all.. 

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Subject: [GLLUG] Documentation for NTFS
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I cant find documentation, for NTFS on disk structures, and NTFS fault 
tolerant filesystem updates.

I could find some documentations, but they were far from complete.

NTFS-3G exists.  But that is pure source code.  The NTFS-3G 
documentation completely talks about using the driver, no internals.

Anybody know
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