[GLLUG] Bell's Beer Brewing Competition (and other stuff) in K'zoo Tomorrow (Sat 14 Sept)

Peter Smith psmith.gllug at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 16:21:00 EDT 2013

Full info in

But the important part that made me wanna share it with the list, is that
they're offering 5 gallons of their wort for free, for your entry in their
contest. Previous years, it was "made with 100% Michigan Pale Ale malt that
is minimally boiled and entirely unhopped. While this allows complete
freedom from recipes and imaginations to run wild, it does mean that
homebrewers will have to complete the kettle boil on their own systems."
but I can't find a reference to that information this year.

But, I know we have a few brewers out there that might be interested.
Signup for the wort starts at 11 am in the cafe next to the brewery, and
will be dispensed at 1pm. They usually have about 2500 gallons to give out.

Peter Smith
psmith.gllug at gmail.com
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