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Sci Fi short video
Quixotic Dream -Kara

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>    1. Android developers talk tonight (Clay Dowling)
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> Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 09:56:12 -0400
> From: Clay Dowling <clay at lazarusid.com>
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> Subject: [GLLUG] Android developers talk tonight
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> This is kind of late notice, but it just landed in my mailbox:
> http://www.meetup.com/gdg-a3/events/138743622/
> A presentation on developing Android widgets (small apps that are
> running in a window on your desktop all the time).  If you're interested
> in Android development, this looks like a good thing.  Plus, there's Pizza.
> Conveniently, there's also good parking, since the venue is immediately
> adjacent to the city's largest parking ramp.  And plenty of good places
> to get a beer within walking distance after the presentation.
> Clay
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además  (besides/in addition to),   allá/allí (there),   aquí (here),   año
así =so that, so   ¿cómo? (how/what?),

¿cuánto es? /  ¿cuánto vale? /  ¿cuánto questa?    ¿cuánto? (how much?),
después de(after),  detrás (behind),  el día,  dirección (address),
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está /¿Está?  (it is, he is, she is, you are) / (is it?, is he?, is, she?,
are you?)
esta (the feminine 'this')

fútbol (football)
gustaría (would like),
había  (there was/were)
mañana (tomorrow/morning),  mamá,  más (more),

¿quántos(as)? (how many?),
qué (what),  ¿quándo? (when?), quíen (who )

papá, periódico,  por qué,  posición,  próxima  (next),

ex: Esta gato está amable. Si tú agree, dice sí.

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