[GLLUG] Artemis - Starship Bridge Simulator

Michael P. Flaga michael at flaga.net
Tue Apr 8 09:24:24 EDT 2014

Sounds interesting. Definitely worth looking at, during the meet up.


Do you know if it has an interface to external effects? Which was a key to
goals. We have begun to add some controllable RGB panels. And will move on
to smoke and etc. A stretch goal is to eventually have enough FX's and
stations for a both at this summer's Maker Faire.


BTW - Artemis has App for both Android and iOS, along with PC.


Michael P. Flaga, michael at flaga.net


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I would also encourage anyone who is interested in this and has an android
or ios device to check out Spaceteam, a free game app which is a silly
unrealistic space game along the same lines. Up to 4 players can play over
wifi (or 2 over bluetooth). Each player has a small dash board on their
screen of unique controls, and receives instructions which they must shout
out for the other players to execute.


"Set gyrothruster to 2"

"Enable foglamp"

"Prepare taxes"


It's good fun




On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 10:31 PM, Michael P. Flaga <michael at flaga.net> wrote:

This week's High Impedance Air Gap (Electronics Club) at Lansing Makers
Network will begin a series of events to improve and play our own instance
of Artemis  <http://www.artemis.eochu.com/> - Starship Bridge Simulator. 


Yes, bring out your inner Sci-Fi Geek. All are welcome to attend and
participate in this roll-playing game, along with the planning and creation
of new effects via a DMX interface.


This ultimate target-rich environment fabricates the voyages of the Starship
Artemis, and its sister vessels, whose ongoing mission is seek out
aggressive life forms, marauders and even each other, and blow 'em all to
spacedust! Scan for danger at the Science post, plot a course at Helm,
launch mines and torpedoes from Weapons Control, manage the power and damage
report from Engineering, intimidate the enemy from Communications, or take
the big chair as Captain and coordinate your crew's actions.


Artemis is set up on several computers (please bring your own) networked
together, each computer acting as a position on the bridge. Up to six people
can play as the crew of each starship patrolling and defending outposts.

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