[GLLUG] AGP Video Cards

Chick Tower c.e.tower at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 23:49:19 EDT 2014

Does anyone have any AGP video cards, preferably with nVidia GPUs, lying 
around that they would be willing to sell cheap?  I might be in the 
market for one.

I had to pull one from an old PC that I'm using (no jokes from the 
peanut gallery) to see if it was the cause of random reboots of my PC. 
It hasn't spontaneously rebooted in the few days since I removed the 
graphics card, but I can only run the nv driver.  It might also be that 
the nouveau driver was causing the instability.  I can use the PC with 
the motherboard's built-in graphics (GeForce 2 MX), but X doesn't look 
as nice as it did before.


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