[GLLUG] Meeting on October 2nd

Michael P. Flaga michael at flaga.net
Thu Oct 2 10:58:32 EDT 2014

Unfortunately, for me Thursday's are out. From other emails it would appear
that it is not really good for others. Additionally it seems that weekly is
a bit excessive and lessens the "regard" that attendees assign this event. I
believe the following is a typical thought all have had; "hmm - I will just
go next week, since its only people meeting up without a purpose."

The one requirement to use LMN is that a member be there to open and close
the building. Where I have offered to host the meetings on the 2nd and 4th
Tuesdays of the month. If another night is required; there are open hours on
Wednesday and Saturday. Otherwise need a member or someone needs to become a

With the above said I was thinking that there be a workshop meeting and a
presentation meeting per month. Such as :

2nd Wednesday (October 8th) can be an informal workshop as to plan "what to
present", how to drive up attendance, general assistance to newbies, may be
projects. (We have lots of potential projects at LMN.)

4th Tuesday (October 28th) be the presentation.

I would also recommend that both meetings start at 7pm and be about 90
minutes. Sir Pizza is a few blocks away. And then follow the meetings up
with a social at Zoobies, for craft beers and such.

Michael P. Flaga, michael at flaga.net

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I will be there and still hoping to build.

Michael, what would be the most convenient for the LMN?

Jeff Lawton
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On 10/01/2014 10:29 PM, Chick Tower wrote:
> Is anyone planning to be at Schuler Books in the Meridian Mall 
> tomorrow evening?  I can be there if anyone else wants to meet, but if 
> nobody says by noon that they will be there, I won't bother showing up.
> If someone wants to meet somewhere else, state so.  Thursdays at LMN 
> was not an option Michael Flaga offered us.

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