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Benjamin Chavez ebcha1974 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 10 10:17:35 EDT 2014

I have been avoiding the Netflix subscription based on their lack of Linux support. This morning this news arrived in my RSS feed. I thought to share with you guys. I am sure some of you already new about this.

"Netflix is now available to watch on Ubuntu out of the box — no hacks, plugins or user-agent switching workaround required.

The company has, quietly, and without fanfare, flipped the switch 
required to allow Google Chrome users on Ubuntu (and presumably other 
*buntu-based desktops) to watch movies and TV shows in the browser.

If you’ve been following this long, protracted saga — which has been 
about as enjoyable as a binge-watch of the US Inbetweeners remake — then
 this news won’t be too out of the blue.

Last month Netflix engineer Paul Adolph pledged to  remove the user-agent filter,
 the final hurdle in preventing Ubuntu users from streaming content, 
once a newer version of the security library (nss3) was rolled out to 

That roll out took place in late September. 

Google Chrome Only, Folks
The kicker is that streaming playback only works in Google Chrome. Seriously. Try watching The Hobbit on Netflix in Chromium, Opera, Firefox or any other web browser you might prefer to use and you’ll get nowhere.

Why? Google Chrome comes bundled with a specific module, one Netflix 
requires to permit playback on a system through HTML5. It’s 
called “Encrypted Media Extension” (‘EME’ for short) and, without 
getting too technical about it, it’s a form of user-friendly DRM.

There’s a contradiction in terms.

If you’re a subscriber of the obscure, totally unheard of indie 
subscription streaming service* you can stop reading, and start watching
 right now.



Benjamin Chavez

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