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Benjamin Chavez ebcha1974 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 15 08:43:23 EDT 2014

A letter by a viewer was sent to the guys from Jupiterbroadcasting about Netflix coming to Linux. I thought it was and interesting point of view below I pasted the text Hello Chris & Matt, Just wanted to offer my opinion on the Netflix = Linux users are fine with DRM thing that Chris mentioned several times during Sunday's LAS. I personally don't like DRM, and I am certainly not "all-in" on it, but let's be honest; the fact that Netflix now works on desktop Linux is a coincidence not an intention.Netflix, Google etc. pushed DRM into HTML5, because they want to offer content on Roku, Android TV etc. because this DRM scheme is now part of HTML5, Linux users can enjoy it as well, but it wasn't put it because of us - that's for sure. Now, we can do two things. We can be angry at Netflix, not watch it and they're going to continue business as usual, because, quite frankly, they don't care much about us. The DRM will still happily remain baked into HTML5, because it wasn't put there because of us in the first place. It was put there for the SmartTVs and set-top boxes and they''ll continue to sell regardless. We as Linux users can cry all we want, but the DRM is now in and it is up to us whether we at least use it for some benefit to us, (Netflix on desktop Linux), or cry about it and have none of the benefit with no one listening to our cries about DRM anyway. PM.

Benjamin Chavez


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