[GLLUG] More Presentations

Chick Tower c.e.tower at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 15:31:40 EDT 2014

We had our first presentation in ages Tuesday evening, and it went well. 
  Our next meeting is the 11th of November.  Would anyone like to 
present something then?  Presentations don't have to be long, or overly 
technical.  In fact, perhaps some meeting we can arrange to have a bunch 
of short presentations, which I've heard referred to as lightning talks. 
  You wouldn't have to select topics from the list I sent weeks earlier; 
anything that would be of general interest to a Linux group is fair 
game.  It could be some useful feature of a program that not many people 
know about (the feature or the program), a website that does something 
useful, or tricks for getting things done.  (I was surprised a couple of 
years ago that even some experienced users weren't aware of what 
<Ctrl>-R could do at the command ine.)  We could also have a meeting 
dedicated to solving problems people are having with Linux or hardware, 
although you don't have to wait for such a meeting to ask for help when 
we have the mailing list.  There is a projector at LMN, plenty of 
electricity, and access to the internet, so the only thing needed is 
more volunteers.

Does anyone have something to present?


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