[GLLUG] Fwd: Tip->Volume Control on Control-Keys

Brian Hoort hoortbri@msu.edu
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 08:27:07 -0400

>Tech Tip
>    If you're running your headphones straight out of your sound card's
>    "Line out" jack, you might notice there's no volume control. Instead
>    of trashing your ears or firing up a audio mixer every time you need
>    to set the volume, just bind the commands
>    aumix -v+4 # crank up the volume!
>    and
>    aumix -v-4 # turn that crap down!
>    to two spare function keys. (In Sawfish, this is under the "Bindings"
>    menu in the sawfish-ui program.) Presto--free and easy volume control
>    straight from the keyboard.
>    There are also nifty little volume control applets for the KDE and
>    GNOME taskbars, but why spend pixels on a common task when you have
>    all those keys just sitting there?

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