[GLLUG] Next/future meetings: What do people want?

Matt Graham danceswithcrows@usa.net
Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:51:53 -0400

For next meeting, we've got the "introduction to vi" presentation lined 
up.  Is there anything else that people would like for this or future 
meetings?  Here are some things that I can speak on... I encourage 
others to post things that they can speak on, then if we have a good 
range of topics, we can have a vote or something.

Mplayer-- play (almost) all your video files on your Linux machine, 
including older files that current versions of MS Media Player have 
trouble with.  Includes common pitfalls when compiling from source and 
setting up KDE/GNOME file associations so all you have to do is click 
on "Movie.avi" within Konqueror or gmc and mplayer will launch.

Postfix-- the SMTP server with a configuration file that doesn't look 
like someone banged their head on the keyboard repeatedly.  Less arcane 
than Sendmail, and can do almost everything sendmail can.

CD burning-- get the most out of your CD-RW and Linux.  Includes basic 
configuration (in case your distro didn't do it automatically), making 
exact copies of data CDs, using cdparanoia and DAO mode to make exact 
copies of audio CDs, using multisession CDs to do backups of vital 
data, and the common pitfalls and problems encountered in all of these 
operations.  (Can also cover partimage here, which ~= Norton Ghost.)

Gentoo distribution-- see what all the fuss about this new distro is 
about!  Recommended for intermediate-to-advanced users who don't mind 
getting their hands dirty, Gentoo receives high praise for its great 
speed and fully-optimized builds of all packages.  This presentation 
aims to get the new Gentoo user up and running with a minimum of pain 
and suffering.  (I'll need a little lead time to prepare this one, 
mostly to make more mistakes and figure out how to get around them.)

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