[GLLUG] Next/future meetings: What do people want?

Brad Fears brad@mtsdev.com
16 Jul 2002 15:23:15 -0400

I would like to see an extensive demo on tape backup solutions (scripted
or application-based).  It took me quite a while to settle on one that
I'm using now (taper), but only because I don't know enough about the
tar command to effectively create my own scripts.

I'm also interested in seeing a demo on CD burning.  Mine _works_ now,
but I wonder if a few configuration changes might speed it up or make it
more stable.

Two others that come to mind are squid-cache proxy w/ content filtering,
and various intrusion detection systems.

--Brad Fears

On Tue, 2002-07-16 at 14:51, Matt Graham wrote:
> For next meeting, we've got the "introduction to vi" presentation lined 
> up.  Is there anything else that people would like for this or future 
> meetings?  Here are some things that I can speak on... I encourage 
> others to post things that they can speak on, then if we have a good 
> range of topics, we can have a vote or something.
> Mplayer-- play (almost) all your video files on your Linux machine, 
> including older files that current versions of MS Media Player have 
> trouble with.  Includes common pitfalls when compiling from source and 
> setting up KDE/GNOME file associations so all you have to do is click 
> on "Movie.avi" within Konqueror or gmc and mplayer will launch.
> Postfix-- the SMTP server with a configuration file that doesn't look 
> like someone banged their head on the keyboard repeatedly.  Less arcane 
> than Sendmail, and can do almost everything sendmail can.
> CD burning-- get the most out of your CD-RW and Linux.  Includes basic 
> configuration (in case your distro didn't do it automatically), making 
> exact copies of data CDs, using cdparanoia and DAO mode to make exact 
> copies of audio CDs, using multisession CDs to do backups of vital 
> data, and the common pitfalls and problems encountered in all of these 
> operations.  (Can also cover partimage here, which ~= Norton Ghost.)
> Gentoo distribution-- see what all the fuss about this new distro is 
> about!  Recommended for intermediate-to-advanced users who don't mind 
> getting their hands dirty, Gentoo receives high praise for its great 
> speed and fully-optimized builds of all packages.  This presentation 
> aims to get the new Gentoo user up and running with a minimum of pain 
> and suffering.  (I'll need a little lead time to prepare this one, 
> mostly to make more mistakes and figure out how to get around them.)
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