[GLLUG] Re: recommended bloggers?

Matt Graham danceswithcrows@usa.net
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 12:34:24 -0400

On Monday 29 July 2002 12:12, after a long battle with technology, Tom 
Rockwell wrote:
> I had a look at scoop, but haven't had a go at setting it up yet. 
> I'll give it a try --- Matt, did you get it to run?

Yes, with a bit of trouble.  

Do *NOT* let the wonderful automagic installer script provided with the 
Scoop engine download and install all necessary Perl modules via CPAN.  
I tried that, and it tried to download and compile Perl 5.8.0, which 
was totally unnecessary.

The installer script also doesn't stop and let you correct problems if 
there happen to be any (like not having the mysql-devel package 
installed.)  It's actually quicker and easier to look at the Scoop 
administrator's guide, find out which Perl modules are necessary, grab 
them from CPAN, and install them manually along with the "expat" 
package.  Once that's done, run the automagic install script, then tell 
it not to go to CPAN.  It'll complain, but ignore it.  If the script 
errors out because something like Term::Readkey is missing, grab that 
and install it.

It is working, but the only reason it's up now is because TPTB think a 
modified Scoop might be a useful thing for the business.  I don't 
particularly want to run a blog and will probably take it down after 
TPTB have looked at it, made up their minds about what to do, and put 
it on an official company server instead of my home machine.

Scoop may be overkill for some places--it looks like it works best for a 
large user community, and one that's at least partially literate.  

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