[GLLUG] Re: recommended bloggers?

Jeremy Bowers jerf@jerf.org
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 14:17:52 -0500

Tom Rockwell wrote:
> Can anybody help me understand blogger.com?  I'm wondering if the 
> blogger.com softwarwe can be run on your own webserver, or if you have 
> to have you blog data on blogger.com's server?

Blogger stores your data on its centralized server, and can FTP the 
resulting blog to the server of your choice.

People have hacked it to export your data by creating special templates 
that cause blogger to output your blog in a format that happens to be 
XML, but by and large, blogger 'owns' your data. (If this is an issue.)

Exactly what features are you looking for, who's using it, and are there 
any *real* OS restrictions? I know the field pretty well, but I haven't 
really seen enough requirements to know what matches it.

Not all of the best solutions to all problems are Linux or free right 
now. It depends on the exact requirements. I use Radio Userland a lot, 
which is Windows/Mac and costs $40/year, but its feature set is hard to 
come by anywhere else. (http://radio.userland.com/) Then, you may not 
need all of that stuff.

For a server based solution, a lot of the smart do-it-yourself free 
software guys seem to be gravitating towards Movable Type; it's an 
active project that responds quickly to its users needs. I haven't tried 
it, as I abhor Perl when I can avoid it, and I'm happy with my own