[GLLUG] Arialink Wireless ISP

Jeff Lawton Jeff@idealso.com
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:24:07 -0400

You can ask ACD about the new modems and see that may help. They are
supposed to have a 10% greater reach. They are just now integrating them and
it may take a while for them to become available where you are. Not to
insult you intelligents, have you power cycled everything connected to it,
is the modem surge protected on the phone as well as power, (they have had
several lighting strikes on peoples unprotected modems recently), Have you
called support?

As far as Arialink they require line of site to operate. Depending on where
you are located there can be issues with weather interference and obstacles
(tree growth, new building, etc...) other than that it is a great service.
Also on the Arealink there is a $300 + setup charge to lease equipment. If
you are in Lansing their main transition antenna is on the top of the
Michigan National Tower.

Jeff Lawton
Ideal Solution, LLC

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I am starting to get fed-up with my ACD DSL setup at home.  My current
outage started last Weds, and of course it's Ameritech's problem.  It turns
out that I am 18,200 feet from the CO, which is a long ways out, but it has
worked reasonably well since Apr-2001.   Anyway,  I was thinking of jumping
ship and trying out Arialink (www.arialink.com) wireless Internet access.
Anybody on the list have any experience with their service?

It's a lot more expensive than DSL  $90/month versus $50/month for ACD DSL.

Mark Szidik

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