[GLLUG] Arialink Wireless ISP

Mark Szidik/mlc SzidikM@mlcnet.org
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 13:59:17 -0400

I am starting to get fed-up with my ACD DSL setup at home.  My current
outage started last Weds, and of course it's Ameritech's problem.  It turns
out that I am 18,200 feet from the CO, which is a long ways out, but it has
worked reasonably well since Apr-2001.   Anyway,  I was thinking of jumping
ship and trying out Arialink (www.arialink.com) wireless Internet access.
Anybody on the list have any experience with their service?

It's a lot more expensive than DSL  $90/month versus $50/month for ACD DSL.

Mark Szidik