[GLLUG] Why php is better than asp

Paul Donahue donahu16@pdonahue.com
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 20:08:43 -0400

As for the College of Vet Med we use:

ASP for some small in house utils/database front-ends for our students. (maintained by our in-house developer)


PHP for some IT related tools (maintained by me)

it is good to say however that our developer is a big VB fan => ASP
I am a big C fan => PHP

hope this provides some insight. I too am interested in seeing what others are running. (poke Dennis)


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>>> Charles Williams <willcha@sme.org> 04/30/02 02:30PM >>>
> > move to php from asp and I need a little fuel for the fire. 
	Ignorant outsider question (please don't throw things):

	Is there a "dominant" platform/language at MSU?
	Official? Preferred? Future-oriented direction?

	I can tell the university is too big to have a standard.


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