[GLLUG] Why php is better than asp

Charles Williams willcha@sme.org
Wed, 1 May 2002 08:27:46 -0400

You know one thing I've been thinking lately:
The whole MS world is required to switch to dot net? This my perception
anyway. Correct?
So it's already a GIVEN that there will be a switch from one language to
Why not, heh heh, make a REAL switch? 
- chuck
> As for the College of Vet Med  ...
> it is good to say however that our developer is a big VB fan => ASP
> I am a big C fan => PHP
> Paul Donahue
> > > move to php from asp and I need a little fuel for the fire. 
> > 
> 	Ignorant outsider question (please don't throw things):
> 	Is there a "dominant" platform/language at MSU?