[GLLUG] Meeting/barbecue reminder...

Matt Graham danceswithcrows@usa.net
Tue, 14 May 2002 11:10:51 -0400

Our Fearless Leader said in a message dated April 25 that the next 
meeting would be at Moores Park this Wednesday at 6pm.  It's a 
barbecue/potluck thing, so bring grillable items and beverages.  If you 
need directions to the park, check the mailing list archives for a 
message from Brian Hoort dated April 25, where he provides a big 
Mapquest URL.  If the weather is bad, we'll meet at AAI.

I'll be bringing a lasagna.  (Baked in an oven--I don't think you can 
barbecue a lasagna, though someone has probably tried to do so at some 
point!)  Anyway, hope to see y'all there.

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