[GLLUG] For Sale: Thinkpad 600X

Matt Graham danceswithcrows@usa.net
Tue, 14 May 2002 14:35:26 -0400

I've got a laptop I don't need anymore, and thought I'd give the list a 
chance at it.  Specs:

PIII 450
128M RAM
15G disk (roughly 13M/s measured by hdparm -Tt)
Battery life is roughly 2.6 hours
1024x768 at 16-bit color (NeoMagic 256, no 3D (sorry))
external floppy
Internal Lucent LoseModem (works fine, use drivers at 
http://www.heby.de/ltmodem )
serial/parallel/PS2/VGA-out/2 PCMCIA/1 USB/TrackPoint
Netgear FA410TX 10/100 PCMCIA card (NE2000-compatible) included with 

WARNING:  The CD-ROM is not functional.  However, everything else 
(sound, video, USB, etc.) will work just fine with any recent distro of 
Linux or FreeBSD.  I can deliver this laptop with SuSE 8.0 Professional 
installed or with a bare drive, whichever works best for the buyer.  
Original Win98 SE "unrecovery disk" included, though you may have a 
hard time using it.  This thing has done just fine over the last year 
and a half.

$300 or best offer.  

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