[GLLUG] MP3 Players

Edward Glowacki glowack2@msu.edu
17 May 2002 08:12:29 -0400

On Thu, 2002-05-16 at 15:30, sreiner@fnba.com wrote:
> I am considering purchasing an MP3 player, something capable of storing a large number of files.  Anyone have concerns, experiences, hate, joy, etc with Archos or Ipod or another player?
> Suzanne

Are you looking for something in the portable/handheld size range, or
for a home stereo system, or for your car, or something else?

I just got my new CD-based MP3 player (Blaupunkt MP3000) installed in my
car on Monday.  That's 650MB per disc, which is tolerable.  It also has
an auxiliary input for my still-trying-to-get-it-built-a-year-later hard
disk based MP3/OGG player.  Hopefully that project will take off now...


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