[GLLUG] console calendar/todo software?

Brian Hoort hoortbri@msu.edu
Tue, 21 May 2002 15:49:57 -0400

In the process of learning GNU/Linux I have setup a Debian box to be used 
as my primary PC. I am trying to fill my software needs with Linux 
replacements, and have not yet found a calendar or todo manager. I have 
discovered gcal, and it has it's purpose, but it falls far short of a being 
scheduler. Ideally, these would be console apps, but could be for X. A 
search online turned up Emacs for the calendar, but I have been going with 
vi for the time being and don't want to involved in that mess quite yet. I 
haven't seen anything for todos. Any help out there?


Brian Hoort