[GLLUG] Redhat Discontinuation of Red Hat Linux Line?

Clifford Zang cliffordzang at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 3 18:07:34 EST 2003

Same here. I use Mozilla whenever I can now. Only
problem is at work where GM's software only runs on
IE. Gotta love the pop-up protection in Mozilla.


--- Chris Strandt <strandtc at liquidweb.com> wrote:
> Hey.. I still use Mozilla both at home and work
> (Windows and Linux). :) 
>  But unfortuntly there are still a few things in
> Mozilla that annouy me 
> enough to still use IE to open some webpages (like
> plugin support).
> -Chris
> steven collins wrote:
> heh. If that's not an ominous prediction I don't
> know what is ;)
> I don't know a single person that uses netscape
> anymore.
> -steve
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