[GLLUG] Redhat Discontinuation of Red Hat Linux Line?

Basher584 basher584 at basher584.org
Mon Nov 3 21:23:45 EST 2003

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 07:20:32PM -0500, steven collins wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 18:30, Chris Strandt wrote:
> > So it sounds like they are just kind of giving Fedora a start.. and 
> > letting it go in its own direction.  Kind of reminds me of the Mozilla 
> > project.  Netscape got it going.. then let it go in its own direction.. 
> > giving and taking code from the project.
> heh. If that's not an ominous prediction I don't know what is ;)
> I don't know a single person that uses netscape anymore.

But how many people use a mozilla/gecko based browser?  I know I use galeon everyday.  Mozilla's DOM Inspector is a valuable tool.  All spawned from Netscape.

> > 
> > Should be interesting to see how Redhat makes out with selling their 
> > Enterprise edition.
> Yeah we'll see how that works out for them but it still leaves a bad
> taste in my mouth. And handing over Fedora to "the community" is great
> and all but I'm curious how well "the community" will accept this bold
> move. Almost everyone I've talked to today is ready to flush their
> trusty red hat into their trusty porcelain commode.
> -steven

I think that it 1) puts RedHat into a more favorable position, market wise, which will hopefully help keep them around longer, and 2) fixes the biggest sore spot with Redhat (from my point of view), which was the lack of responsiveness from outside parties to patches.

I'm glad about the direction they are taking, and I am no where near ready to flush any of my Redhat installs, and I am very appreciative of everything they have given to the community (kernel improvements, GNOME, that one patent, etc.).

That being said, its definitely a good time for people to check out other distro's.  RedHat is never going to be perfect for everyone.  The best part about open source is choice no?  I personally checked out Debian, and freeBSD, but I haven't warmed up to them yet.

Its all about the "community" :-D


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