[GLLUG] Re: Questions about Cygwin/XFree86 - ports and SSH tu nneling and XP routing

Matt Shirilla mshirilla at micim.com
Tue Nov 11 11:01:42 EST 2003


Paul Melson made a post at the end of last month that describes how to use
VNC to connect a remote system.  I followed it exactly and it worked for me.


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>Melson, Paul writes: 
>> I'm not sure I follow you.  `XWin -query` makes 
>an XDMCP connection to  If that works across the 
>local network, and is running the OpenSSH daemon, 
>you should be able to tunnel both X11 and XDMCP over the same 
>SSH connection with no trouble.  Try this from a Cygwin shell: 
>> ssh [user]@ -XNf -L 177: && 
>/usr/X11R6/bin/XWin.exe -query 
>> Alternately, if you're connecting to it through a different 
>Linux/BSD firewall that's running OpenSSH, you can set up the 
>port forwarding like this: 
>> ssh [user]@[fw-addr] -Nf -L 177: -R 
>6000: && /usr/X11R6/bin/XWin.exe -query 
>> The above example assumes that there's no X server listening 
>on port 6000 of the firewall, filtered or otherwise. 
>> Anyway, once you identify which tunneling scenario meets 
>your needs, translating this into a PuTTY config should be 
>> PaulM 
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>> I see now that I misunderstand what X11 and XDMCP are.  I 
>was wondering to
>> myself how I was going to setup putty to tunnel this and the 
>answer is I
>> won't.  I used the following command in the Cygwin bash 
>shell to make the
>> connection described in my original post:
>> 	XWin.exe -query
>> Can I use Cygwin to make a XDMCP connection? 
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>This sounds very interesting, and close to the goals I have for my own 
>network. Can I network cgywn(sp) and XP home with linux 6.0 
>somehow to the 
>outside world through a linksys wireless router? 
>even better, can I get cgywin to run a vnc client to connect 
>between my LAN 
>and a lan at .edu when the .edu lan is also behind a firewall of sorts?
>local lan machines at the .edu range around say... 
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