[GLLUG] linuxant drivers - was dwl-120 (wi-fi)

Michael J McCarty mjmccarty at lycos.com
Tue Nov 11 18:30:17 EST 2003

I'm glad y'all got back into this topic.

I've just gotten back to fighting with the 2WIRE card from SBS/Yahoo.  Trying it with Mandrake 9.0 has worked up to configuring the device.  The hardware is recognised as a Prism II chipset at least.

Running Drakconnect configuration tool gets up to a fill-in-the-blanks page that has me stumped.  The help line folks guessed at some stuff.  Not bad for a company that 'doesn't support linux'.

WIRELESS_FREQ they figure is 2437 that's MHz for Channel 6 WiFi (most common one used).  WIRELESS_RATE is probably 11 that's MB/s.  The cork in the bottle is:  What is WIRELESS_SENS and what do I type in the blank after it?  If I can get this last blank filled I may be able to complete the configuration.

Mike McCarty

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