[GLLUG] nfs via laplink+pppd

Wald computech at ispwest.com
Sat Nov 15 09:29:37 EST 2003


Thanks Jeremy Bowers for the response regarding the dwl-120, I will 
try the connexant drivers in a near future. 

I have downloaded the Knoppix (which sounds like a viable and 
compact distro), there are some that can be store in a MINICD 
(which is quite impressive to having an self-contained and complete 
linux distro in a single MINICD). But the point is that I am trying 
to install the Knoppix in my notebook (which happens to don't 
have any mass media store with exception of the hda). So, 
I was think of using a minidistro (one which fits in a floppy disk) 
to establish a connection via pppd over a nullmodem cable and 
afterwards to establish and configure a connection with the server 
(nfsd - my desktop) in order share the cdrom unit (as it seems, I don't 
have a nic interface in my notebook). I have plenty of experience 
in establishing pppd based on a nullmodem cable and tunneling the 
nfs over it; but I don't know of any minidistro which eventually could 
serve such purpose. 

Pedro Wald

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