[GLLUG] Meeting and LPI Certification Schedule

Jeff Lawton jeff at idealso.com
Mon Nov 17 22:20:13 EST 2003

The meeting of November 13 had 8 attendees. 

Introductions took place at 6:30 after general discussion.

A cheat sheet packet was then passed out and discussed. It included:

vi quick reference
The One Page Linux Manual

Linux help was mostly copied from Linux newbie administration guide
http://linux-newbie.sunsite.dk sections 7 (the vi part) and 2 plus the

man intro 

gives an introduction to Linux

man hier

Describes the filesystem hierarchy 

man command |grep key word

will display only the lines with you key word 

Google.com key words: quick reference, cheat sheet, howto, guide, linux

http://www.tldp.org/ The Linux Documentation project

http://www.linux.org/help and howtos

http://www.linuxvoodoo.com/resources/newbie help articles

http://slashdot.org technology news

http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/linux/ lots of good howtos and the
LPI exam prep

http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/index.xml howtos some of which are on the
ibm site

http://linux.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?site=http://linux%2Dnewbie.sunsite.dk/lnag%5Flicence.htmlLINUX NEWBIE ADMINISTRATOR GUIDE where most of this document came from.

open xchat select freenode click connect then type /join #linux or /join
#{youfavoritedistro} then press enter and start asking questions and/or
giving answers (these are all volunteers so be courteous)
 added by Jeff Lawton


We then talked about new and fun technologies that people have played

Next we discussed going over the Linux Professional certification
requirements and putting together a schedule and plan for presenting
sections. Here is what was arrived upon:

The curriculum will be based upon "the LPI Certification exam prep"
presented by IBM's DeveloperWorks and written by Daniel Robbins of
Gentoo fame.

11/13/2003 -11/30/2003
	Locate a location in the East Lansing where 20-40 people could meet
with computers (possibly as part of the location) available for the
following dates and preferably free.

	Roger Webster volunteered to contact a few of the municipalities such
as the library, the pump house, the public schools, and a few other
locations. Another member was going to check into using the second floor
of a building on Trowbridge where he had attended a meeting before.	If
any one else has any suggestions or ideas please check into them and
report to the list with the subject "LPI Location".

	Find presenters: if you are willing and available to present one or
more of the following sections please post to the list under the subject
"LPI Presenter" and list the sections you would be interested in
presenting in priority order. We will tally them at the next meeting and
post the finalized schedule after the next meeting.

	Jeff Lawton volunteered to check into media coverage such as the
newspaper, wkar, public access channels and a few others. Also if anyone
else has contacts or ideas please post to the list with the subject line
"LPI Media"

	I have also just left a message for Brad Fears asking if he would be
able to add an RSVP area to the website. I have not heard back yet. I
will post on this when he gets back to me. if anyone else anything they
have built, used, or would like to build(quickly) that would work nicely
here please post under "LPI RSVP"

The next GLLUG meeting to discuss what we have for turnout so far, and
what other details need to be addressed. Agree on presenters for the
sections based on the people who volunteered and fill any holes that are

1/8/2003 -Linux install and help night
	Open to the general public: please bring your computer. Linux users and
administrators will be available to answer questions, configure, fix, or
install one of the Linuxes or BSDs on you system. There will also be
copies of distribution Cd's available. We will need volunteers here
also, subject "installfest"

1/22/2003 session 1
	LPI 101 part 1a 
	About Linux, the Tutorial, and the classes
	Introduction to bash
	Using Linux Commands
	Creating Links and removing files
	Introduction To wildcards
	Backing Up your Linux Machine

2/12/2003 session 2
	LPI 101 Part 1b
	Bash by example part 1: Fundamental programing in bash
	Bash by example part 2: More bash programing fundamentals
	Bash by example part 3: Exploring the ebuild system
	VI intro - the cheat sheet method tutorial
	technical FAQ for Linux Users

	LPI 102 part 1
	Shared Libraries
	Compiling applications from source
	Package management concepts
	RPM the Red Hat Package Manager
	Debian Package Management
	Gentoo Package Management
	freebsd package Management
2/26/2003 session 3
	LPI 101 Part 2a
	Regular expressions
	FHS and Finding files
	Process control
	Text processing
	Regular Expressions Explained
	Filesystem hierarchy Standard 

	LPI 102 Part 2a
	Introducing the Kernel
	Locating and downloading sources
	Configuring the kernel
	Boot configuration
	PCI devices
	Linux USB
3/11/2003 session 4
	LPI 101 Part 2b
	Sed by example, Part 1: Get to know the powerful UNIX Editor
	Sed by example, Part 2: Taking Further advantage of the Unix text
	Sed by example, Part 3: Data Crunching Sed style
	Awk by example, Part 1: intro to the great language with the strange
	Awk by example, Part 2: records, loops, and arrays
	Awk by example, Part 3: String functions and ... checkbooks?

	LPI 102 Part 2b
	Linux 2.4 statefull firewalls

3/25/2003 session 5
	LPI 101 part 3
	System and network Documentation
	The Linux Permissions model
	Linux account management
	Tuning the user environment
	Linux glossary for the Linux user

	LPI 102 part 2c
	Hardware stability guide, Part 1
	Hardware stability guide, Part 2	
	Software RAID in the new Linux 2.4 kernel, part 1
	Software RAID in the new Linux 2.4 kernel, part 2

4/8/2003 session 6
	LPI 101 part 4a
	Linux Filesystems
	Booting the system
	Filesystem quotas
	System Logs
	LPI 102 part 3
	TCP/IP networking
	Internet services
	Security overview
	Configuring inet.conf securely

4/22/2003 session 7
	LPI 101 part 4b
	Partition planning tips
	Partition in action: consolidation data
	Partition in action: moving home
	Maximum swapage
	Advanced filesystem implementor's guide, Part 1: Journaling and

LPI 102 part 4
	Secure Shell
	Setting up NFS
	introduction to  Samba part 1
	introduction to  Samba part 2
	introduction to  Samba part 3

5/6/2003 -review

whew! That's it for this one.

Jeff Lawton
Ideal Solution, LLC

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