[GLLUG] LPI Presenter, LPI RSVP, and installfest

C. Ulrich dincht at securenym.net
Tue Nov 18 03:29:07 EST 2003


First, I'd be happy to present these:

Creating Links and Removing Files
Introduction to Wildcards

These topics also sound like they're up my alley:

Shared Libraries
Compiling Applications from Source
Package Management Concepts

There are more I could do but I'll hold off for awhile so as not to hog
too many at once. :)

Second, regarding an RSVP system... is this an RSVP system for the
"students"? I might have something depending on the requirements. (Or,
you could hijack the slashdot meetup site and have people rsvp using
that! Just make sure they don't go to the billiards place... :P)

On a related note, I was thinking the other day that it would be nice to
have a web site or something where organizers can go and check the LPI
class schedule and other things dealing with the planning of the
classes. The mailing list is great for discussion and dissemination of
news and information, but email comes and goes rapidly. It would be nice
if there was a collaboratively-edited place where people could view and
work on the schedule at any time, along with any other things dealing
with planning. Something like this might even boost volunteer
participation if people knew they could just dig right into what's going
on instead of lurking for a month.

A wiki comes to mind. I am a big fan of wikis. I have an account on
freezope.org that I can use to set up a wiki within a day or two. The
wiki would be very small and there would only be a couple pages to keep
track of. I can take care of all the initial content creation and
transplanting of information from the mailing list to the wiki (and
vice-versa, should the need arise). There would be pages for the most
important aspects of the project, but it would also be stressed that
things like news and discussions go on the GLLUG mailing list first and

So would there be any interest in this? I think this would really help
organize the LPI effort, but I'd like to know what everybody else thinks
before heading into it full-steam.

Third, and finally, I'd like to volunteer for the installfest. I have a
laptop with a fast CD burner, and I can help install FreeBSD and most
Linux distros.

Charles Ulrich

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