[GLLUG] 3 websites, 1 IPaddress + backup server

Hampton, Rodney rodney.hampton at jnli.com
Mon Feb 2 11:17:21 EST 2004

Agree with you Rich.  You _can_ cheat if you have 2 ip addresses.  In
theory, you should have the authoritative primary and secondary DNS servers
for your domain on different networks.  In practice you merely need to have
2 unique ip addresses and I've even run both ip addresses off the same box
(though this is a really risky practice).  So you don't really need someone
else to host the secondary authoritative DNS.

Rodney Hampton

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On Sat, 31 Jan 2004, Seth Bembeneck wrote:

> I'm looking at the possiblity of hosting three websites on my server. Each
> website will have it's own domain

> www.web1.com
> www.web2.com
> www.web3.com

> for example.
> I'm thinking one way to do this is to be my own dns server. But how does
> dns info get out to the rest of the internet?

Yep, that's exactly it.  When you register each of those domains, part of 
the domain record will include which domain nameserver will be 
authoritative for the domain.  You can point it at any IP address you 
wish, even IP addresses which you do not own (however, this would be the 
least desirable case).

> Is this possible?
> Also, How can I set up a back up web/dns server? Will my router affect

Simply buy an account with a dns hosting service (easydns.com, etc) and 
point secondary dns there.  They have scripts available and instructions 
on how to sync their servers up with theirs or vice versa.

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