[GLLUG] 3 websites, 1 IPaddress + backup server

Jeremy Bowers jerf at jerf.org
Mon Feb 2 11:38:51 EST 2004

Hampton, Rodney wrote:
> Agree with you Rich.  You _can_ cheat if you have 2 ip addresses.  In 
> theory, you should have the authoritative primary and secondary DNS 
> servers for your domain on different networks.  In practice you merely 
> need to have 2 unique ip addresses and I've even run both ip addresses 
> off the same box (though this is a really risky practice).  So you don't 
> really need someone else to host the secondary authoritative DNS.

Some registrars are now accepting one IP address for DNS alone, I think, 
but I'm not certain and I don't care to futz with my working setup on 
Dotster to check ;-)

Another trick I've used before then (that's a recent development) is to 
register two domain names. Each domain name gets a nameserver, 
"ns1.domain.com" and "ns1.domain2.com", pointing at the same IP. Then, 
for each domain, say the two nameservers are "ns1.domain.com" and 
"ns1.domain2.com". Expensive unless you already own multiple (as I was), 
but at least Dotster was only checking for two different name server 
names, not actual IPs.

When your "domain" is only one IP anyhow, if the single DNS server goes 
down, most likely the entire domain is down anyhow...

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