[GLLUG] msu dns servers

Clay Dowling clay at lazarusid.com
Tue Feb 3 08:58:40 EST 2004

Jeff Lawton said:
> It appears the MSU's DNS servers are slow to update. anyone tying to
> connect to the GLLUG website are being directed to the wrong server. it
> has been over a week. since the change.
> If anyone is having a problem getting to the GLLUG website you can
> temporarily add an entry to your host file with the address
> until MSU's name servers update.

The MSU hostmaster keeps those machines in fantastic shape.  You can be
assured that as soon as the TTL has expired for your domain, your domain
should be updated on their servers.  There are a couple of things to

First, make sure the serial number in your SOA has been updated.  After
that, look at your glue records (the NS record and the associated A
records) and make sure they're up to date.  Finally, check with your
registrar to make sure that they have the right NS records for your
domain.  dig is your friend here.

I've had troubles with my domains moving before, and MSU's servers are
actually a pretty good indicator if I have things set up right or not. 
Always it's been a problem of glue or SOA records that weren't up to

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