[GLLUG] msu dns servers

dpk dpk at egr.msu.edu
Tue Feb 3 08:32:38 EST 2004

Clay Dowling wrote:
> Jeff Lawton said:
>>It appears the MSU's DNS servers are slow to update. anyone tying to
>>connect to the GLLUG website are being directed to the wrong server. it
>>has been over a week. since the change.
>>If anyone is having a problem getting to the GLLUG website you can
>>temporarily add an entry to your host file with the address
>> until MSU's name servers update.
> The MSU hostmaster keeps those machines in fantastic shape.  You can be
> assured that as soon as the TTL has expired for your domain, your domain
> should be updated on their servers.  There are a couple of things to
> check.


Actually, the MSU DNS servers think they are authoritive for gllug.org. 
  I believe MSU hosted the domain for some time... it appears the 
nameservers for gllug.org have changed, but hostmaster at msu.edu was not 
notified to remove them from their servers; hence, they are providing 
old/stale records.


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