[GLLUG] msu dns servers

Ben Pfaff blp at cs.stanford.edu
Tue Feb 3 10:28:08 EST 2004

Mark Tarquini <mark at iametarq.com> writes:

> i am running my dinky 2nd website from my debian box and am thinking
> about grabbing a domain with url forwarding since, technically, my IP
> from msu is not static, though it hasn't changed in 2 months so far.  I
> live off campus and am using ACD.net's MSU DSL service for students and
> staff, it's nice.

For what it's worth, there's no need to bother MSU staff with DNS
hosting requests, because there are numerous places that offer
free DNS hosting.  I use zoneedit.com, for example.  I've had
great service there, especially given the price.
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 you don't know what they cover and where they are, you won't be knowingly
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