[GLLUG] Re: MySql: Database inside of a Database

Scott Henry Harrison harris41 at msu.edu
Thu Feb 12 08:01:21 EST 2004

> Seth Bembeneck said:
>> Is it possible to have a database inside of a database? 
>> Or maybe some one can offer a better solution:
> A better idea would be to design the database to represent the fact that
> it will have multiple users.  Create a foreign key on each table in the
> database that corresponds to the user.  This is much more practical and
> maintainable than a separate database for each user.  Contact me off list
> if you need some help designing it.

Note: if you are dealing with a large number of users (e.g. 10000) on an
ext2 or ext3 filesystem, a multiple-MyISAM-table database could have
performance penalties. 

MyISAM is the default table type for MySQL tables.  I understand that
another table type, InnoDB, can have multiple tables in one file
though, and in that way would be better for ext2/ext3 for
handling thousands of tables. 

Depends how popular "delta force" stats keeping is though. :) 

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