[GLLUG] New Recruit

Asenchi asenchi at asenchi.com
Tue Feb 17 10:32:42 EST 2004

Hello All,

I attended my first GLLUG meeting last Thursday and must say how 
excited I am to finally attend a meeting! I thought the presentations 
were good, a little long as most of the presenters and organizers 
recognized, but very informative.  While I would consider myself a 
little past the newbie phase of learning Open Source Operating Systems, 
I did learn a couple of little things that have already made my life 
easier.  Thanks a lot.

I also wanted to know if I could help in any way.  I would like to give 
some presentations on topics,  a few of them not on the list of future 
topics, but anything I can do I would like to do.

I do have a bit of a scheduling conflict on Thursdays, but hope to make 
at least one full meeting a month and an hour of the 2nd one.

Thanks again for a very informative evening, I look forward to seeing 
you all again.

My name is Curt Micol, and I am addicted to hacking away on FreeBSD.

follow the uncharted path...

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