[GLLUG] Feb. 26, 2004 Meeting (LPI Session 3)

Marshal Newrock marshal at simons-rock.edu
Wed Feb 25 17:34:04 EST 2004

This is tomorrow, Thursday, at Atmosphere Annealing, at 6:00pm.  Go to
http://www.gllug.org/mod.php?mod=calendar&op=list_events&loc_id=1 for
information on the location.

LPI 101 Part 2a:
- Regular expressions
- FHS and Finding files
- Process control
- Text processing
- Regular Expressions Explained
- Filesystem hierarchy Standard

LPI 102 Part 2a:
- Introducing the Kernel
- Locating and downloading sources
- Configuring the kernel
- Boot configuration
- PCI devices
- Linux USB

See you there.

CAUTION: Product will be hot after heating

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