[GLLUG] ttys0 owned by normal user?

Mark Tarquini mark at iametarq.com
Fri Feb 27 09:22:37 EST 2004

History:  I have a palmPilot that I want to sync with Evolution stuff
that is under my normal username.  

I am able to sync with the palm as root with the gnome applet program,
as long as I have a symbolic link in /root/evolution that goes to
/home/myusername/evolution/ where all my stuff is stored.

doing that i can make the palm copy everything from evolution to the
palm great, however, i cannot make it sync what's on the palm that's not
in evolution, to evolution...

I was thinking maybe this is because the Gnome applet 'thinks' it's
using root's evolution database, when infact it's not?

if that is the case, i tried changing ownership of ttys0 to be normal
user, but it doesn't do anything at all, so i set it back to root
ownership.  grumble.

Any ideas?  thanks!
-Mark Tarquini

mark at iametarq.com

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