[GLLUG] Stuff I learned today at the Library (MCP,LPI,MCSE,ETC)

Jolyon Michael Vincent vincen21 at msu.edu
Sat Feb 28 16:23:41 EST 2004

okay okay ETC isn't a real cert(so far as I know!) but I found that 
beefreeway(.org) will let you take several CompTIA+ courses for microsoft 
and linux. all you have to do is sign up for "Michigan Works!" or meet the 
other qualifying criteria. I just spent a few hours on it today, and am abit 
confused. I don't know if I have to pay for the certification exams, or if 
the exams on the site will count towards certifications. 

Michigan Technical/Virtual University is basically FREE cert training. 
Practice tests and all. I accessed it through beefreeway.org; going to 


will get you to where you can sign up. I hope this info helps some get the 
certs they have always wanted faster/cheaper/etc. 

I really wish that the LPI stuff the club is doing on thursday nights was 
also offered on another night as well; if anybody wants to get together for 
a study group I'd be interested to find out when and where so I can catch up 
on the stuff I'm missing at the meetings. I thought that it would be clever 
for me to take linux at LCC (CISB 234) but instead I found out that I 
overloaded myself this semester and now have alot of catching up to do.
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