[GLLUG] Re: New Recruit

C. Ulrich dincht at securenym.net
Sun Feb 29 00:07:58 EST 2004

On Sat, 2004-02-28 at 16:42, Jolyon Michael Vincent wrote:
> Okay, this reminds me that presenters are supposed to know when they are to 
> present and on what exactly. I chide myself, rather than anyone else 
>  --because I volunteered to help with the security section and have now 
> forgotten when and with whom I am working with. 

We've got you down for the second half of session 6, which takes place
on April 8th. This is from the LPI 102 IBM devworks exam prep Part 3 and
includes TCP/IP networking, internet services, security overview,
printing, and configuring inet.conf. Would you be comfortable covering
all of those or just security?

> Admittedly I should have checked there first, but I am reviewing email on 
> the list to see if the reminders went out. 

There's going to be more info about the classes on the GLLUG web site
Real Soon Now.

> FWIW, my official class schedule on thursdays is at Davenport starting at 
> 6:30pm. 

Are you going to be available to do a presentation on April 8th? If not,
no big deal, we can get someone else, we just need to know one way or
the other. :)

> And I hope to see everyone when I don't have a time conflict. Brain is fried 
> at the moment, but we ARE still meeting over the summer, yes? With the same 
> numbers or better in the group now I hope! 

Certainly. There was some talk of having a non-class meeting in the near
future, but it hasn't yet been decided when it will be, afaik.

Charles Ulrich

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