[GLLUG] Re: New Recruit

Jolyon Michael Vincent vincen21 at msu.edu
Sat Feb 28 16:42:35 EST 2004

C. Ulrich writes: 

> On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 10:32, Asenchi wrote:
>> Hello All,
>>  While I would consider myself a 
>> little past the newbie phase of learning Open Source Operating Systems,

Me too. 

>> I did learn a couple of little things that have already made my life 
>> easier.  Thanks a lot.
>> I also wanted to know if I could help in any way.  I would like to give 
>> some presentations on topics,  a few of them not on the list of future 
>> topics, but anything I can do I would like to do.

Okay, this reminds me that presenters are supposed to know when they are to 
present and on what exactly. I chide myself, rather than anyone else 
 --because I volunteered to help with the security section and have now 
forgotten when and with whom I am working with. 

> The list of sessions can be found in the calendar on the GLLUG web site,

Admittedly I should have checked there first, but I am reviewing email on 
the list to see if the reminders went out. 

> but Jeff has the master list of who's doing what. I think the next few
> sessions are full, but if you're knowledgeable on any specific topic,
> most people won't refuse help! 
>> I do have a bit of a scheduling conflict on Thursdays, but hope to make 
>> at least one full meeting a month and an hour of the 2nd one.

FWIW, my official class schedule on thursdays is at Davenport starting at 

>> Thanks again for a very informative evening, I look forward to seeing 
>> you all again.
And I hope to see everyone when I don't have a time conflict. Brain is fried 
at the moment, but we ARE still meeting over the summer, yes? With the same 
numbers or better in the group now I hope! 


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