[GLLUG] PHP vs Python

Marshal Newrock marshal at idealso.com
Thu Nov 8 12:09:17 EST 2007

Looking for some opinions here.  I have a fairly large app to write,
and I'm still undecided on writing it in PHP or Python.  It will
primarily be a web app, but I also want the option of command-line

The advantage of PHP is that more people know it, and I think it's
faster to develop a web app in PHP.  I haven't tried writing a web app
in Python yet, though.

Python is a much cleaner language, and actively prevents many common
coding mistakes.  PHP's ability to use variables which have not
previously been defined is a point against it.

There's other arguments I can make for and against both, but I'm
curious what opinions people have.

There's also the question of frameworks.  I'm hesitant to use a
framework, though.  From what I've seen, they work great within the
limits of what they were designed to do, but as soon as you exceed
those limits, things get much more interesting, which is to say,

Marshal Newrock
Ideal Solution, LLC - http://www.idealso.com

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